Coach Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


About Luis

  • Coach, Trainer, Consultant: Self-Management, Leadership, Strategic Management & Governance
  • Trainer: Martial Arts, Meditation, Yoga, Meditative Performing Arts, Emotional Self-Management, Non-Violence
  • Developer of the PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Assessment & Training Methods.
  • Researcher Matrix-Q Intelligence: The ability to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously.

Services Provided

  • Assessment, evaluation of the current condition, challenges being faced or that will be faced, patterns and tendencies of perception and behavior and their influence in the performance, identification of risks.
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence Test, Matrix Perception, Matrix Thinking, Matrix-Response Ability, Matrix-Q Impact, Matrix Decision Making & Matrix Strategic Project Management ability.
  • Goals setting, strategy design, decision making limitations, strategic risk management.
  • Identification of solutions necessary for the management of the process and risks: from learning to learn abilities, to enhancement of perception, sensitivity, learning of methods or practices, development of skills, learning of new technologies, knowledge, information and others.)
  • Provide training according to case, if available and necessary.
  • Design of milestones, follow up process, provide counseling, advice, mentoring and support for the whole process necessary to reach the goals and achieve success.
  • Reports on progress, review of previous assessment sessions, description of stages of development based on a graphic generated through vector math.

The Service is provided for:

  • .Strategic Management
  • .Start ups
  • .Project Management
  • .Self-Management
  • .Leadership
  • .Emotional Intelligence
  • .Matrix-Q Intelligence Test
  • .Burnout Preventive Training
  • .Stress Management
  • .Life Path Coaching


Booking Alternatives

  • Request a first assessment session, with a Priority Attention Ticket
  • The Priority attention ticket gives you the right to book a first interview information session of up to 45 min where a first evaluation of your needs will be made.  Rule apply: “First arrived, first served” after you have book the priority attention ticket, the first session will be schedule, according to coach availability. Please book now:
  • Contact us via web message or by email for a skype, telf. or chat information / presentation of our services session