Coaching Services

Coaching Services 

  • Online coaching (e-coaching) by skype, google hangouts, e-mail, telf.
  • Online self-education programs (e-Learning) at UDEMY
  • Full day coaching sessions 12+ hours at location the Netherlands
  • Half day coaching sessions 6+ hours at location the Netherlands
  • 3-9 coaching sessions x 60-180 min (variable)  at location the Netherlands
  • Gamified Training Programs (Self-coaching) at location the Netherlands
  • 9 Steps Gamified Training Programs (Self-Management, Self-Coaching) at location the Netherlands

Coaching Sessions Content

  • Assessment, evaluation of the current condition, challenges being faced or that will be faced, patterns and tendencies of perception and behavior and their influence in the performance, identification of risks.
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence Test, Matrix Perception, Matrix Thinking, Matrix-Response Ability, Matrix-Q Impact, Matrix Decision Making & Matrix Strategic Project Management ability.
  • Goals setting, strategy design, decision making limitations, strategic risk management.
  • Identification of solutions necessary for the management of the process and risks: from learning to learn abilities, to enhancement of perception, sensitivity, learning of methods or practices, development of skills, learning of new technologies, knowledge, information and others.)
  • Provide training according to case, if available and necessary.
  • Design of milestones, follow up process, provide counseling, advice, mentoring and support for the whole process necessary to reach the goals and achieve success.
  • Reports on progress, review of previous assessment sessions, description of stages of development based on a graphic generated through vector math.

The Service is provided for (Coaching Field): 

  • .Strategic Management
  • .Start ups
  • .Project Management
  • .Self-Management
  • .Leadership
  • .Emotional Intelligence
  • .Matrix-Q Intelligence Test
  • .Burnout Preventive Training
  • .Stress Management
  • .Life Path Coaching

Service Details:

  • According to the level of complexity of the challenges to be faced, tools and assessment methods will be utilized.
  • Coaching sessions are of a length of 90 min up to 3 hours, at least, and suggested are 5 up to 9 sessions. 
  • 1 full day coaching session provides a direct and immediate solution (intervention) for own needs achievement


  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken provides full day coaching sessions, online coaching,  coaching programs of 9 sessions, and gamified training programs at location The Netherlands  (Know More About Luis)(*)
  • Interns of the LDMF Foundation Coaching School, with professional studies and/or experience as coaches, apply the methods developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and provide coaching sessions online, coaching programs of 1 up to 9 sessions, and gamified training programs at location The Netherlands. Interns are directly supervised by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  (Know More About The LDMF Foundation Coaching School Interns).(*)
  • Students of the LDMF Foundation Coaching School, provide coaching sessions and online coaching as for praxis of skills and methods, a process designed for them to gain experience with real customers, at location The Netherlands. Students are directly supervised by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (Know More About The LDMF Foundation Coaching School Students).(*)
(*) Fees vary according to case.