11th August 2017: Gamified Experiential Presentation in the forest of Rhenen: How Matrix-Q Self-Coaching Methods can help you have more fun with your own life, family and business; become more successful and happier?


Gamified Experiential Presentation

  • How Matrix-Q Self-Coaching Methods can help you  have more fun with your own life, family and business; become more successful and happier?

  • The Matrix-Q Coaching School
  • Matrix-Q Coaching Methods 

The Gamified Experiential Presentation

In the forest of Rhenen, along a walk/hike (with stations) of 90 min, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Matrix-Q Coaching School, will provide:

  • Gamified Introduction to the Matrix-Q Methods and their Benefits.
  • Information to the Matrix-Q Coaching Foundation Training.
  • Information on the Matrix-Q Coaching School.
  • Examples on Matrix-Q Methods applied for Self-Coaching & Training
  • How Matrix-Q Self-Coaching Methods can help you  have more fun with your own life, family and business; become more successful and happier?
  • Online Self-Learning Program Available for Self-Study.
  • Answers to attendees questions.

DATE: 11 August 2017. 19.30 PM – 21.00 PM

VENUE/Geo-Location: GPS coordinates of the meeting point will be given to registered participants. The hike will start at the Grebbeberg, in Rhenen.

More details:

Would you like to become a Coach ?

  • Would you like to inspire people, support them along their journey ? The Matrix-Q Coaching School offers you a complete training, and 9 fields of specialization, with foundation in Matrix-Q Coaching Methods, knowledge on human potential (human factor) and human stages of development.
  • Our foundation training focus on the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge necessary for 1.) life path, 2.) family/Love-Relationship, 3.) Start ups, and 4.) CXOs coaching.
  • Our Coaching students develop as well skills for facilitation/ providing training on Matrix-Q Methods.

The LDMF Foundation Projects – Matrix-Q Coach Internship

  • Preventive intervention dedicated to community and sustainable development, development of culture and civilization, as well as projects in the fields of education, will provide to the Matrix-Q Coach students an holistic and synergetic opportunity for them to apply their coaching training through internship programs.
  • After the internship program, students may choose to work for the LDMF Foundation as coaches or develop their own coaching service.

Self-Help with Self-Coaching Methods

  • The first season of training, welcomes intentional coaches and attendees interested into self-coaching together.
  • The Matrix-Q Methods Level Zero (There are 9 Levels of Application) : self-coaching training is mandatory for all coaching students. The main goal of this stage of the learning process is to learn to apply the Matrix-Q Coaching method for own benefit, apply self-coaching.
  • Start ups strategic managers, self-employed, single parents, CXOs, students, professional coaches, will be welcome to join this first stage of training.
  • For many attendees of coaching training the main interest is self-help. if after the completion of this first stage, candidates are still interested to complete the Foundation Training Program, will be invited to join the stage nr. one of training.




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