The Futurist Coach

The Futurist Coach
The futurist coach is able to support family, individuals, companies, communities, organizations, locations and cultures, also governments advance their performance and “life” strategies towards their own development and the creation of an advanced global civilization and future.

The futurist coach focus on the creation of a global culture and civilization dedicated to the care of peace, family, culture, life sustainability, heritage, wealth generation, innovation in technology and advancement of science and society.

The futurist coach is an entrepreneur, with multidisciplinary and project management experience.

The futurist coach references for coaching are their experience in the development of projects in the fields of their specialization, technical study, ancient and modern culture knowledge, wisdom.

The futurist coach is as well an experienced trainer in the fields of self-management, self-knowledge and personal development. a global citizen that empowers the development of an advanced culture and civilization through his/her/its services.

The futurist coach is skillful to provide services online, at one location, or while abroad traveling to several locations.

The futurist coach is dedicated to peace, with an ethical attitude, observes human rights and develop own projects and services through non violent communication and collaboration strategies.

The futurist coach is practical in attitude, action and judgement.

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