The Volunteer-B Program for Beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries are welcome to ask for three types of coaching sessions:

  • Life Path Coaching
  • Family/Love Relationship Coaching
  • Start Up/ Self-Employment Coaching

In order to qualify as beneficiary an assessment must be done and an agreement will be set according to individual case.

When a beneficiary on addition enrolls in the volunteer-B program, combines volunteer tasks for the LDMF Foundation and coaching sessions, the beneficiary will then receive better conditions for them to follow up coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions may be not unexpensive, and unreachable at any given time. When a challenging condition need to be faced without financial means, support is mostly not possible to be requested.

The Beneficiaries Program of the LDMF Foundation intent to help beneficiaries compensate their lack of financial means through volunteer tasks. For each task completed points are given which if accumulated, give them right to more coaching sessions for a special beneficiary fee.

How to Register?: Just contact us.

Why would you like to join the Volunteer B Program ?

  • 0. An strategic impulse at the right time can change your future.
  • 1. Reduced Fees. You do not need to have a high financial performance in order to receive strategic support.
  • 2. You have skills and time. Your volunter support for our projects is welcome. Help us to help others.
  • 3. The coaching sessions include training. Your becomes skilfull to help yourself. To empower authonomy and support collaboration is our aim.
  • 4. The Volunteer-B program gives you right for a limited amount of sessions. You may later on add sessions by accumulting tokkens or points received for every volunteer task you have completed, you can later exchange for coaching units.
  • 5. The Gamified Volunteer program will help you advance your performance and bring into practice every thing you have learned.

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